The Kelpies – Falkirk, Scotland

  Glimpsed briefly from the highway whilst heading north for a weekend away in 2014, my first views of the Kelpies were rushed (at 70 miles an hour) and heart-wrenching.  I can’t quite describe the impact they had on me, but it was akin to falling

My Favourite Modes of Transport

  We are lucky across Europe to have some great ways to get around, so I thought I would rank my favourite modes of transport and explain the perks of each!  See below for an opportunity for some discounts too!   WALKING I’m a huge fan

5 Reasons Why I Blog…

  Why do I blog?   I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.  There are a lot of travel bloggers out there, and I can’t speak to their motivations, but here are some of mine…   I’m obsessed with creating tangible history.  I suppose

24 Hours in Berlin

    Berlin is such a vibrant city – I found it a bit like London in it’s diversity. You really need a week to explore, but if you’re only passing through, here are some tips if you only have a day in Berlin.  

Deals of the Month

I will update these deals every 2 weeks (Please note that I have no affiliation with these companies (other than & eBookers) – Mostly I just choose vouchers and deals that look like good value!   APRIL –   MALLORCA – eBookers have some