5 Reasons Why I Blog…

  Why do I blog?   I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.  There are a lot of travel bloggers out there, and I can’t speak to their motivations, but here are some of mine…   I’m obsessed with creating tangible history.  I suppose

24 Hours in Berlin

    Berlin is such a vibrant city – I found it a bit like London in it’s diversity. You really need a week to explore, but if you’re only passing through, here are some tips if you only have a day in Berlin.  

Deals of the Month

I will update these deals every 2 weeks (Please note that I have no affiliation with these companies (other than Booking.com & eBookers) – Mostly I just choose vouchers and deals that look like good value!   APRIL –   MALLORCA – eBookers have some


    An absolute highlight on our recent trip to France was a day-trip to Verteuil in the Charente.  I had seen James Martin (the TV chef) visit the Chateau de Verteuil as part of his ‘French Adventure’ series, and it looked so picturesque.  And

A Weekend at Hadrian’s Wall

After a rather humorous attempt at walking some of Hadrian’s Wall in November (I know, I know), and being driven away by the sideways sleet and a terrible gale, we decided to try again in late March – in hopes that the spring would provide