A Day Trip to Brantôme

  I recently had the pleasure of visiting the gorgeous town of Brantôme in the Dordogne – and it is perfect for a day trip.  Sometimes called ‘The Venice of the Dordogne’, Brantôme is beautiful, but I don’t think I’d go quite that far!  The

24 Hours in London

  As with all my #24hrGuides – I don’t advocate spending so little time anywhere… but sometimes it’s helpful to have a 24 hour itinerary to kick off a visit.  Or it may suit if you have a layover in a city and just want

What’s Your Travel Style?

  Back in 1999 I set off on my first solo trip to Europe (from New Zealand) – read about it here.  This definitely helped me discover my ‘travel style’ – i.e. what activities I enjoyed, what budget suited my tastes, and what modes of

24 Hours in Wellington, New Zealand

  Being my hometown, I really should be promoting a much longer stay, but in keeping with my theme of 24hr Guides, here is what you can achieve in this awesome city from Midday to Midday!   12 Midday – Start with lunch at the

My Favourite Modes of Transport

  We are lucky across Europe to have some great ways to get around, so I thought I would rank my favourite modes of transport and explain the perks of each!  See below for an opportunity for some discounts too!   WALKING I’m a huge fan