Travelling while feeling unwell

I wouldn’t recommend travelling when you are unwell, but sometimes needs must…   I recently had to take a trip to France despite being absolutely floored by a nasty virus that had taken residence in my throat and lungs.  It wasn’t just a little cold,

Travelling alone (again)

  I used to love travelling alone, there was always this great juxtaposition between being insular and having to trust complete strangers.  I enjoyed sitting in cafés, reading books and watching the world go by.  Then I met my husband, and he is a joy

How to deal with travel nightmares

  I hear a lot of travel horror stories, but many of these can be avoided or made less stressful by applying the following advice…     Flight delays / cancellations   There is little you can do to avoid flight delays and cancellations – weather

Eating & Drinking in Amsterdam

  Amsterdam is a fabulous place in which to dine, drink, and enjoy the multitude of eating and drinking establishments.  Now, I’m not talking about the tourist churners on Rokin, or the red light Thai places, or the restaurant touters on Leidseplein.  I’m talking about

One Lovely Blog Award

The lovely Clare from ilive4travel has nominated me for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ – which is such a great surprise!  And what a fabulous idea too – sharing the blog love!     As part of the nomination we have to do a few things…