Travelling With A Cold

  I wouldn’t recommend travelling when you are unwell, but sometimes needs must. I recently had to take a trip to France despite being absolutely floored by a nasty cold that had taken residence in my throat and lungs, and unfortunately I couldn’t delay the

Travelling Solo Again

  I used to love travelling alone, there was always this great juxtaposition between being insular and having to trust complete strangers.  I enjoyed sitting in cafés, reading books and watching the world go by.  Then I met my husband, and he is a joy

How to Deal with Travel Nightmares

  I hear a lot of travel horror stories, but many of these can be avoided or made less stressful by applying the following advice on how to deal with travel nightmares…     Flight delays / cancellations   There is little you can do to

One Lovely Blog Award

The lovely Clare from ilive4travel has nominated me for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ – which is such a great surprise!  And what a fabulous idea too – sharing the blog love!     As part of the nomination we have to do a few things…

A Weekend in York

  A weekend in York is always a good idea. On this occasion we were there to time with my family, who were visiting from Canada.  Less than 2.5 hours from Edinburgh (and less than 2 hours from London), York is an easy weekend break