Collecting Passport Stamps

I’ve been collecting passport stamps since I got my own passport at age 16 (before then, I was on my Mom’s passport). The first few trips were to Australia (from New Zealand), before heading over to Europe for my ‘Big OE‘ in 1999. It’s a

A Weekend on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

  We got a winter deal to the Skeabost House Hotel, near Portree, on the Isle of Skye in Feb 2015 – so we took a road trip from Edinburgh with our dog, Moose.  We always look for dog-friendly deals, as we hate leaving our

24 Hours in Edinburgh

  I always recommend that people spend more than 24 hours a place, but for those times when that is not possible, here are my top tips for spending 24 hours in Edinburgh, from midday to midday… you’ll note it’s mostly about food!   12 Midday

Travel Budgeting for your Lifestyle

  I don’t think we should ever take for granted the ability to travel – it is a privilege, and we are lucky to partake in such adventures.  I also think you don’t have to be rich to have enriching travels – I think there