Travel Planning Tips

  I’m one of those people that enjoys the planning part of trips so much that it equates to roughly 30% of my overall enjoyment!  Planning and organising is just in my blood – I love researching, spending hours finding the best deals, and acquainting

A Scarborough Seaside Holiday

  As a foreigner, I’ve always had this nostalgic, rose-coloured idea of the English sea side.  I had visions of a marvellous Victorian past – with majestic promenades, curly wrought iron fencing, and grand ballrooms.  Sadly, thanks in part to a declining economy, and an

A Malaga Renaissance

  A Malaga Renaissance – A blog contribution from my Mom, Janine!   If you haven’t been to Malaga, you may’ve thought of it only as a place of high-rise tourist apartments.  The reality is that the city centre was never like that, and has,

A Weekend in the Scottish Borders

  We are always looking for places we can take our dog ( #Moosethetravellingdog ) for a weekend away from Edinburgh, and the Scottish Borders has become a favourite for us.  We have stayed in various hotels, but the one that we keep coming back