24 Hours in London

  As with all my #24hrGuides – I don’t advocate spending so little time anywhere… but sometimes it’s helpful to have a 24 hour itinerary to kick off a visit.  Or it may suit if you have a layover in a city and just want

A Weekend at Hadrian’s Wall

  After a rather humorous attempt at walking some of Hadrian’s Wall in November (I know, I know), and being driven away by the sideways sleet and a terrible gale, we decided to try again in late March – in hopes that the spring would

24 Hours in York

  York is a wee gem of a place, and as with any place I write about, I would highly recommend spending more than 24 hours there.  But, I know that isn’t always possible, so here is my guide to 24 hours in York.  

A Scarborough Seaside Holiday

  As a foreigner, I’ve always had this nostalgic, rose-coloured idea of the English sea side.  I had visions of a marvellous Victorian past – with majestic promenades, curly wrought iron fencing, and grand ballrooms.  Sadly, thanks in part to a declining economy, and an

A Weekend in York

  A weekend in York is always a good idea. On this occasion we were there to time with my family, who were visiting from Canada.  Less than 2.5 hours from Edinburgh (and less than 2 hours from London), York is an easy weekend break