Walking in the Footsteps of my Ancestors in Ireland

  We recently visited Ireland, and for once had a chance to road-trip around this beautiful country – you can see my photos here.  It was an important trip for me, as I am Irish on my father’s paternal side – and with a maiden

Verteuil-sur-Charente – A Fairytale Village

  An absolute highlight on our recent trip to France was a day-trip to Verteuil-sur-Charente.  I had seen James Martin (the TV chef) visit the Chateau de Verteuil as part of his ‘French Adventure’ series, and it looked so picturesque.  And it is only 45

Berlin in Spring

  Berlin has been a bucket-list destination for me for years, and on two separate occasions I had holidays booked and then was unable to travel due to circumstances beyond my control.  So, I was delighted, in 2016, to actually make it to Berlin. Here’s