A visit to the National Museum in Edinburgh

  I have lived in Edinburgh for 15 years, but have only been to the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street a handful of times. One of those times had been to work (as a roving minstrel) during one of the incredible ‘Museum Lates’

A sombre visit to Oradour sur Glane

  The town of Oradour sur Glane in France was the scene of one of World War II’s most senseless atrocities.  Oradour was ransacked by a German Waffen-SS company in June of 1944 – they killed all 642 of the town’s inhabitants.  Rather than rebuild

Walking in the Footsteps of my Ancestors in Ireland

  We recently visited Ireland, and for once had a chance to road-trip around this beautiful country – you can see my photos here.  It was an important trip for me, as I am Irish on my father’s paternal side – and with a maiden

Verteuil-sur-Charente – A Fairytale Village

  An absolute highlight on our recent trip to France was a day-trip to Verteuil-sur-Charente.  I had seen

Berlin in Spring

  Berlin has been a bucket-list destination for me for years, and on two separate occasions I had holidays booked and then was unable to travel due to circumstances beyond my control.  So, I was delighted that in 2016, we were actually able to make