My Summer in Naples, Italy

  In 1999, I was in Paris, hanging out at a hostel with my friends (and generally finding my traveller feet), when I got an offer to nanny for a family my dad knew in Naples.  I couldn’t afford to get there, so my dad

Visiting Rome for the First Time

  Rome, Italy, is a stunningly beautiful city – particularly the juxtaposition between the ancient roman sites and the modern day city.  It is also chaotic, frenetic, crowded and very hot in Summer – but all these things are forgivable because it is a magical

Lago di Garda – May 2015

Lake Garda is huge, and there is so much to do… but on this occasion we concentrated on the South end of the lake.  We got a voucher deal for flights and accommodation for £170pp, at the Hotel Belvedere in Manerba del Garda.  The hotel is a

2 Nights in Venice, Italy

  My flatmate shouted me a trip to Venice for my birthday in 2011. She later turned out to be right psycho, but at that stage we were getting on fine. We decided on an early flight from Edinburgh to Venice on the Friday, returning

Things to do in Milan Italy

  I was living in London in 2006/7 and decided one day that I wanted to go to Milan to buy a handbag (as you do).  Clearly I was making too much money.  So, a friend and I headed over for the weekend. I had