Visiting Rome for the First Time

  Rome, Italy, is a stunningly beautiful city – particularly the juxtaposition between the ancient roman sites and the modern day city.  It is also chaotic, frenetic, crowded and very hot in Summer – but all these things are forgivable because it is a magical

Lago di Garda – May 2015

Lake Garda is huge, and there is so much to do… but on this occasion we concentrated on the South end of the lake.  We got a voucher deal for flights and accommodation for £170pp, at the Hotel Belvedere in Manerba del Garda.  The hotel is a

Venice – April 2011

  Ok, so I’m writing this 4 years late, but better late than never huh!   We arrived into Venice airport and walked a wee way from the terminal to the water taxis… this took us all the way to our stop, San Marco-Vallaresso, next to

Milan – May 2007

Ok, I admit it, I am writing a lot of these blogs many years after I’ve actually visited these places… but my memory for navigation and places is pretty accurate – so, enjoy!   I was living in London in 2006/7 and decided one day

Naples – Summer 1999

I was in Paris in 1999, hanging out at a hostel with my friends (and generally finding my traveller feet), when I got an offer to nanny for a family my dad knew in Naples.  I couldn’t afford to get there, so my dad paid.