Ireland Photo Essay – A Magical Place

  We recently had the pleasure of spending 9 days in Northern Ireland and Ireland.  This Ireland Photo Essay is just a sneak peak at the gorgeous countryside we encountered.  It honestly doesn’t even begin to show the diversity of light, colour, landscape and wildlife

Falling in love with The Kelpies

  Glimpsed briefly from the highway whilst heading north for a weekend away in 2014, my first views of the Kelpies were rushed (at 70 miles an hour) and heart-wrenching.  I can’t quite describe the impact they had on me, but it was akin to falling

Bicycle Beauty – An Amsterdam Photo-Essay

  I have Amsterdam to thank for my renewed love of photography.  Having worked as a pro-photographer, I lost what it meant to take photos for the love of it.  On a recent trip to Amsterdam, I rediscovered the joy of abstraction, of heavy depth-of-field,

People-Watching in Amsterdam – A Photo Essay

  On a recent trip to Amsterdam, we sat at Cafe Het Hok, on the corner of Lange Leidsedwarsstraat and Leidsekruisstraat, watching endless streams of people reach the intersection and make a critical decision about which direction in which to travel… but did they make the right