A visit to the National Museum in Edinburgh

  I have lived in Edinburgh for 15 years, but have only been to the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street a handful of times. One of those times had been to work (as a roving minstrel) during one of the incredible ‘Museum Lates’

A Day Trip to North Berwick Scotland

  On one crisp autumnal day in November, we decided to take a day trip to North Berwick Scotland, and had a wonderful day out on the east coast of Scotland.  North Berwick is a town 25 miles east of Edinburgh, in the region of

Wine Tasting in Edinburgh

  Wine tasting may not be the first activity you think of doing in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, but it is a really food-forward city with lots of delicious options to dine / wine out.  Here is a sneak peak into our recent wine

A Weekend in Aberdeenshire

  I usually never let a long-weekend go to waste – it’s an opportunity for a short break without using up any precious annual leave.  I hadn’t planned anything for the 2017 spring bank holiday (memorial weekend in the USA) because we had lots of

Falling in love with The Kelpies

  Glimpsed briefly from the highway whilst heading north for a weekend away in 2014, my first views of the Kelpies were rushed (at 70 miles an hour) and heart-wrenching.  I can’t quite describe the impact they had on me, but it was akin to falling