My Perfect San Francisco Elopement

  It has taken me a year to write this blog – perhaps I wanted to keep this magic day private, or perhaps it has taken me a while to get the perspective needed to write about the most perfect wedding I could’ve imagined.  I’m

Co-hosting #CultureTrav

It is my pleasure to be co-hosting the #CultureTrav Twitter chat on Thursday 17th November. I have co-hosted a few twitter chats in the past year, so it’s exciting to be involved in another.  Hosted by @JLipowski and @Nicolette_O – I will join them to chat about

24 Hours in Nice

  Nice is a marvellous city – especially the old town.  It’s a bit like Paris, but with more sun and a beach attached!  There is something incredibly satisfying about having a kir pêche at a bistro in amongst the winding streets of Nice’s old

2017 Travel Plans

  Where are you planning to holiday in 2017?   Beach break, city weekender, cruise, hiking tour, or road trip?  Let me know in your comments below – I love hearing about holiday plans!   Our 2017 travel plans   2017 is very France-centric for

Beating the holiday blues…

  I am currently in the depths of post-holiday blues – it’s tough coming back to every day life after a long vacation.  But here are some things that I like to do to distract myself from the post-holiday blues!   Book more travel!  Ok,