New York – March 2006

I arrived in New York at 6am – it was a very bleary-eyed start to my visit.  I took a nap, as the hotel was nice enough to let me check in early.  To be fair, they had to be super nice to people cos

Brussels – Dec 2013

Brussels doesn’t really have a great tourist rep – it’s more of a business hub.  Bruges, it’s more famous cousin, is the city that gets on all the ‘must see’ lists.  But, we got 2p Ryanair flights (+ £20 for taxes – but still so

Naples – Summer 1999

I was in Paris in 1999, hanging out at a hostel with my friends (and generally finding my traveller feet), when I got an offer to nanny for a family my dad knew in Naples.  I couldn’t afford to get there, so my dad paid.