Eating and Drinking in Amsterdam

  Amsterdam is a fabulous place in which to dine, drink, and enjoy the multitude of eating and drinking establishments.  Now, I’m not talking about the tourist churners on Rokin, or the red light Thai places, or the restaurant touters on Leidseplein.  I’m talking about

5 Tips for Beating the Holiday Blues

  I am currently in the depths of post-holiday blues – it’s tough coming back to every day life after a long vacation. All the excitement of planning and going on your holidays – then all that euphoria disappears so quickly once you are back.

A Day Trip to North Berwick Scotland

  On one crisp autumnal day in November, we decided to take a day trip to North Berwick Scotland, and had a wonderful day out on the east coast of Scotland.  North Berwick is a town 25 miles east of Edinburgh, in the region of

Walking in the Footsteps of my Ancestors in Ireland

  We recently visited Ireland, and for once had a chance to road-trip around this beautiful country – you can see my photos here.  It was an important trip for me, as I am Irish on my father’s paternal side – and with a maiden

Wine Tasting in Edinburgh

  Wine tasting may not be the first activity you think of doing in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, but it is a really food-forward city with lots of delicious options to dine / wine out.  Here is a sneak peak into our recent wine