A Stopover in New York

  I arrived in NYC at 6am – it was a very bleary-eyed start to a stopover in New York that I was making on my way to Las Vegas.  I had grand plans to take on Times Square, but first I took a nap,

A Short Break in Gothenburg

  In yet another Ryanair sale, I nabbed tickets to Gothenburg (Göteborg) in October 2005. I had no idea what to expect, it was one of those typical airfare sale decisions – ‘where is cheap? Let’s go!’ My Dad had spent time here during is

A Weekend in Brussels

  Brussels was never on my must-see list, but we got 2p Ryanair flights (+ £20 for taxes – but still so cheap) one December, so it was our duty to use those cheap airfares and take a look. A weekend in Brussels turned out