Tips for Road-Tripping with a Dog

  As my dog has gotten older, he’s become a bit more crotchety and particular about his routine (as we all do as we age!), so leaving him regularly with a dog-sitter just doesn’t work so well anymore.  And since we recently bought a house

Visiting Rome for the First Time

  Rome, Italy, is a stunningly beautiful city – particularly the juxtaposition between the ancient roman sites and the modern day city.  It is also chaotic, frenetic, crowded and very hot in Summer – but all these things are forgivable because it is a magical

2017: My Travel Year in Review

  2017 was a little different for us travel-wise.  In previous years, we travelled at least once a month on city breaks – long weekends in different European destinations.  Our objectives in 2017 were to do fewer trips, but to make them longer and road-trip

A Roaming Kiwi – How Did I End Up Here?

  I’ve often thought about writing an article about how I ended up here in Scotland, and what my motives were for travelling so far and wide.  But travelling (and the job I have to pay for it all) seemed to get in the way.  It

An Architectural Tour of Prague

  The first thing I noticed when I emerged from the subway station at Můstek in Prague, was the incredible architecture.  The distinctive ‘cake-like’ buildings (as I began to describe them), the colours, and the marvellous detail.  Now, I must admit, I haven’t studied architecture