Services for Aspiring Travellers:


Travel Quick guides

  • Specifically designed for those who want someone to take the hassle out of arriving, departing, the best forms of transport, and quick tips about a destination – I will give you a cheat sheet of info to help you hit the ground running – £5.

Bespoke Itineraries

  • Want someone to be your virtual tour guide?  I will work with you to create a detailed itinerary, based on your desired vacation outcomes, which will include: detailed timings, links to buy tickets, transportation options, maps and directions.  £12 – 1 day.  £30 for 3 days.  £55 for 7 days.  Please note these prices are for a single destination.

Roadtrip Planning

  • Extending the realm of the bespoke itineraries above, I can help you create the perfect road trip, including driving times, fun stops, and achievable distances – £60 per week of travel.

San Francisco Elopement Planning

  • Want to elope? Don’t quite know where to start? Based on my own experiences eloping to San Francisco, and my travel planning experience (and with the help of fabulous local photographer and wedding specialist Rachel Levine); I can help you plan your dream runaway wedding to San Francisco City Hall – please use the contact form to enquire.

Tour Guide

  • Want more than just a virtual tour guide? I offer guided weekend trips to the Absinthe Festival in Switzerland every June, as well as tailored tours of Paris. Contact me for details.

24hr Guides

  • I am currently working on a series of ’24hr Guides’ – giving my top tips for 24 hours in a destination. An example, for Amsterdam, can be seen here. FREE!


  • I offer practical travel advice for busy people or for those who haven’t travelled often.

Services for Brands / Hotels / Magazines:


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