Visiting Giant’s Causeway with a dog

  We travel with our dog, Moose, as often as possible. On a recent trip to the Emerald Isle, we got to experience a lot of amazing activities in Northern Ireland and Ireland with the pooch; the Giant’s Causeway was one of them. It’s not

Paris 1.01 – A guide to my favourite city in the world

  Since moving to the UK in 2003 I have visited Paris too many times to count – falling in love with it a little more each time. Below is my Paris 1.01 – A guide to my favourite city in the world – this

Visiting the Canadian Maritimes

  The Maritimes are some of the most underrated areas in Canada. Half my family live in the area, so I’ve had the pleasure of spending a lot of time visiting the Canadian Maritimes. There are vast expanses in between towns, and a lot of

The Absinthe Festival in Switzerland

  Every year in June (for the last 6 years), I have visited the Val-de-Travers for the Fête de l’Absinthe – The Absinthe Festival in Switzerland.  This seems a long way to go for such a specialist subject, but the Val-de-Travers is the birthplace of

A visit to the National Museum in Edinburgh

  I have lived in Edinburgh for 15 years, but have only been to the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street a handful of times. One of those times had been to work (as a roving minstrel) during one of the incredible ‘Museum Lates’