5 Tips for Beating the Holiday Blues

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I am currently in the depths of post-holiday blues – it’s tough coming back to every day life after a long vacation. All the excitement of planning and going on your holidays – then all that euphoria disappears so quickly once you are back. So here are 5 tips for beating the holiday blues!


    Rinse and Repeat

  • Book more travel!  Ok, so it’s a band-aid rather than a panacea, but booking more travel helps to alleviate, albeit momentarily, the feeling of dread caused by coming back to real life!

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    Be a Tourist in your own Town:

  • Plan some nice activities in your own town – book a dinner, see a movie, and try to keep the fun holiday vibe alive! How about a ‘staycation’? We love to explore parts of our own city that we haven’t seen before, and act like tourists in our own town! We love walking around Edinburgh‘s sights, even though we live here!

    Pick your poison

  • Drink some wine!  Let the jovial wine spirit carry over from your holiday into a mid-week tipple at home. Ok, so I don’t recommend this as a long term remedy, but it certainly takes the edge off!


  • Make a photo album of your holiday snaps to remind yourself of the good times! I enjoy putting albums together (online and real books too) to share with friends and family. I suppose this is the equivalent of a slide-show party in the 70s!

    Enjoy home comforts

  • Remind yourself of the great things about being home – your comfy bed, fresh clothes, and all your other home comforts. For those people who can’t travel with their pets, you get to go home and see their purrty faces too!

I hope these 5 tips for beating the holiday blues help you stay steady in between holidays! Hang on in there, and dream of your next adventure. Check out more Travel Hacks here.


Bordeaux - 5 Tips for Beating the Holiday Blues


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5 Tips for Beating the Holiday Blues - HH Lifestyle Travel

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  • Monica says:

    I like this list! I feel like my life is a constant rotation of it 😀

  • Anu says:

    I live exploring my own neighborhoods. Incidentally, India has so many layers of history that one has fodder for lifetime to explore.

    Working on next holiday includes reading on potential next holidays online or in books – I enjoy this part as much as traveling itself.

  • Arienne says:

    Oh the post-holiday blues can be the worst! Your tips are great though. I think the key is to incorporate what you love about travelling into your everyday life – plan outtings in your home town, explore it, and continually try new things and experiences.

  • I must confess, i do not get the holiday blues but that is perhaps because I simply abide by rule number one – never return from a trip without at least one more already having been booked and planned. i do however try also to appreciate what is around me as beauty is in everything – we just need to open our eyes to it

    • HHLifestyleTravel says:

      That is a good tip – remembering to see the beauty in all that is around you is so important just as a life goal!

  • Hi Hannah

    Holiday Blues is one of the worst feelings, i completely agree with you! When we returned from our three week trip to central america last year we felt really down. Some of the tips you give really work a lot, like being a tourist in your own city and do small activities. The best tip though is to always plan your next holidays. It is almost a bit like a drug, because you can never stop 😀 Safe travels.


  • eloise says:

    All these tips are very true. I try to always have the next trip in mind when I come back from holidays, so I am excited about it and busy planning it, rather than being sad it’s over. I also often have something fun booked for the next weekend so we have something to be excited about back home!!

  • Pick YOUR poison sounds cool, wine never fails me tho! it’s so true that when a holiday is over, we feel like we’re drying and our feet are itching to travel again! i like all these tips, but what i follow the most is once i’m done with my vacation, i’ll check on another flights again!

  • Elena says:

    Good tips. Drink some wine always helps 😉 Booking the next trip should be the best cure (especially after some wine to put off budget worries for later) Cheers!

  • Yep, There is always a bit of post vacation depression that has to be dealt with, and I am generally a fan of tackling it with more travel and booze (as you SUGGESTED)! Still enjoying the comforts of home is a nice remedy and sometime you arrive back home just needing a vacation from your vacation. I have definitely had a few trips where I arrived home so hungover that more wine would not have been the answer! We’re currently in the midst of a long trip so I have a feeling when we finally go back home I am going to need these tips to survive the first few weeks!

    • HHLifestyleTravel says:

      Haha yes, you are so right – we get so busy on our trips, that we end up needing a vacation from our vacation! Enjoy your big trip!

  • J says:

    Planning my next trip is definitely the thing that helps me not feel so bummed that my vacation is over. Even if the next trip is a ways off, getting engrossed in researching and planning gives me something to look forward to.

  • Paige says:

    It is hard when you come home from being on a long (or even a short) adventure, but YOU’VE hit the nail on the head with these ideas. I think being a traveler in your hometown is a huge one. It’s amazing the little things you can find there – or within an hour drive.

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