Beating the holiday blues…

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I am currently in the depths of post-holiday blues – it’s tough coming back to every day life after a long vacation.  But here are some things that I like to do to distract myself from the post-holiday blues!

  • Book more travel!  Ok, so it’s a band-aid rather than a panacea, but booking more travel helps to alleviate, albeit momentarily, the feeling of dread caused by coming back to real life!

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  • Plan some nice activities in your own town – book a dinner, see a movie, and try to keep the fun holiday vibe alive!
  • Drink some wine!  Let the jovial wine spirit carry over from your holiday into a mid-week tipple at home.
  • Make a photo album of your holiday snaps to remind yourself of the good times!
  • Remind yourself of the great things about being home – your comfy bed, fresh clothes, and all your other home comforts. For those people who can’t travel with their pets, you get to go home and see their purrty faces too!



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  • I like this list! I feel like my life is a constant rotation of it 😀

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