Visiting Giant’s Causeway with a dog

  We travel with our dog, Moose, as often as possible. On a recent trip to the Emerald Isle, we got to experience a lot of amazing activities in Northern Ireland and Ireland with the pooch; the Giant’s Causeway was one of them. It’s not

Tips for Road-Tripping with a Dog

  As my dog has gotten older, he’s become a bit more crotchety and particular about his routine (as we all do as we age!), so leaving him regularly with a dog-sitter just doesn’t work so well anymore.  And since we recently bought a house

5 Tips for Beating the Holiday Blues

  I am currently in the depths of post-holiday blues – it’s tough coming back to every day life after a long vacation. All the excitement of planning and going on your holidays – then all that euphoria disappears so quickly once you are back.

24 Hours in London

  As with all my #24hrGuides – I don’t advocate spending so little time anywhere… but sometimes it’s helpful to have a 24 hour itinerary to kick off a visit.  Or it may suit if you have a layover in a city and just want

What’s Your Travel Style?

  Back in 1999 I set off on my first solo trip to Europe (from New Zealand) – read about it here.  This definitely helped me discover my travel style – i.e. what activities I enjoyed, what budget suited my tastes, and what modes of