What’s Your Travel Style?

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Back in 1999 I set off on my first solo trip to Europe (from New Zealand) – read about it here.  This definitely helped me discover my travel style – i.e. what activities I enjoyed, what budget suited my tastes, and what modes of transport I preferred.  I’ve come a long way since then as far as defining my travel preferences – but that’s the thing about travel, the more you do, the better at it you get!


As my budgets and experiences have changed and grown, so have my tastes; and I spend a lot of time planning and organising to ensure I can maintain this style of travel despite varying budgets.




Generally, I’ll fly budget airlines and hunt down killer hotel deals, so that I have money to spend on great food and drink while travelling.  I also love catching trains, which can be both cheaper and more enjoyable than flying – especially within Europe.  You get to see the countryside as you click-clack past, and I enjoy the time reading or drafting blog posts.


Travel Style




As for activities, I’d class myself as a #foodie traveller – I like to track down the local cuisines in local restaurants, and make sure I try some unique food and drink from the countries I visit.  I also love museums – so generally gravitate to the tourist attractions that have an artistic element or aesthetic interest: museums, churches, art galleries etc.  You are less likely to find me bungy jumping or hot-air ballooning – in fact, you won’t catch me doing either of those things!


Travel Style




What about luggage you ask?  Well, ever since the notorious backpack incident of 1999, I have steered well clear of anything that I have to haul on my person.  I am firmly in the wheely-case class of traveller.  It’s a similar story with my choice of accommodation – I tried a hostel once, but to be honest with you, despite being an extravert, I need my own space – so hostels are not for me.  But the important thing is that I don’t begrudge them for others.


Travel Style


Travel Style


I think you have to be true to yourself when it comes to travelling – if backpacking and hostels are your preference, all power to you.  I don’t think one style of travel over another is necessarily more or less fulfilling.  I personally prefer city breaks and foodie holidays over sitting on a beach for a week, but holidays need to be fulfilling to the person taking them – so if a beach is what you need, then get yourself to a beach and read that book!


So, what’s your travel style?  Backpacker, Business, Foodie, Resort bunny, Adventure, Luxury?  Tell me all about it in the comments below!


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What is Your Travel Style? - HH Lifestyle Travel


  • Budget, definitely budget.

    The older I get the more comfortable I am staying in backpacker hostels. I’m very strongly introverted, but the more I do dorms, the more I get used to them. I’ve never seen the point of me staying in star-rated hotels since my style is to never stay in them long enough to utilise their facilities; for me a bed is a bed, nothing more, as I’ll always be out exploring the town or the local countryside. “Splurge” for me is having an ensuite bathroom … 🙂
    Note that even with a higher budget, this is still true – more money doesn’t change my style, it just changes the length, so I’ll do the same thing, just … more of it!

    I only ever travel with hand luggage – my trips are usually place-to-place-to-place-to-place so if I have to carry my luggage around a lot I don’t want anything bulky or heavy. It’s always a backpack – I don’t generally like having to hold things in my hand as I walk around. It also makes the regular packing/unpacking easier!

    As for destinations – I’ll generally only go somewhere that I already know holds my interest – this is usually something of historical or cultural significance, often off the usual tourist trails. I’m not really one for museums/art galleries, unless they’re of specific local interest that I can’t find anywhere else (though I do make an exception for modern/contemporary art). Equally I’m not a ‘beach bum’ – the idea of spending more than a couple of hours on a beach doing nothing is something I find incredibly boring! I am a ‘wood-elf’ though, so hiking through forests is very much my ‘thing’.

    • HHLifestyleTravel says:

      Love this! I don’t really get the beach thing either… I love an afternoon at the beach, but walking my dog on one rather than sunbathing for hours!

  • Jose Harvey says:

    For a holiday, I prefer to go for a nicer hotel, use my wheeled luggage, and splurge a little to a lot. But under normal circumstances (when it’s not a holiday but instead I’m a blogger), I always carry my backpack and will basically stay just about anywhere. Most the time I am not too concerned about my accommodations because I’m traveling to experience a location, a culture, and a people. I want to see what the destination has to offer so I’d prefer to save money on the stuff I spend the least time doing (hotels) and more on the things I love to do (museums, adventures, etc). I love the beach but I can’t spend an entire holiday sitting on the beach. Now mountains…those are another story!

    • HHLifestyleTravel says:

      Oh those mountains! Love it! It’s definitely important to prioritise your spending to whatever makes your travels the best they can be for you!

  • I agree! We all have our own style and we should be true to that just as we are with our clothing or diets. We have never tried train travel but I would love to for the same reasons you suggested. I love watching the scenery go by

  • Christina says:

    I’ve met many foodie travellers in my travels and while I do enjoy a delicious meal I can’t say that I have the same inclination to hunt down food while travelling. I’d probably classify myself as a cultural and wildlife traveller.

    • HHLifestyleTravel says:

      Oh yes, seeing the local wildlife is a great pursuit. I enjoy watching the birds in France – the birds of prey in the fields etc.

  • dlp% says:

    Very interesting! Everyone has its own travel style and preferences; and it’s important to realise that if you travel with someone to see if it matches!

    I usually always stay in hostel – except if traveling with my girlfriend – and with a backpack (really hate carrying around a suitcase!). I’m not a beach person as well; I prefer the city of other kinds of nature (forests, mountains). I will mostly seek the local food and people, try to meet other travelers and have their feedbacks, go the history museums (not really into art museums!) and try local folklore!

    • HHLifestyleTravel says:

      That’s a very good point about matching travel styles with those you travel with! I have had experiences when I’ve travelled with friends where our travel styles don’t mix at all! Luckily me and my husband match just fine 😉

  • We are activity driven travelers. We first pick the activity we want to do, and plan the trip around it. The hotel, city and even time of year are derived from the action. Some times, we are crashing at an eco lodge to be close to the action and other times we recovering in a 5 star hotel. It’s all about the action.

  • I totally get wanting to be comfortable and not having to haul around a backpack. I’ve never stayed in a hostel, I agree about wanting privacy. I like really busy trips, but I also like to lie on a beach (in the shade, I burn). Do what makes you happy!

  • Nice post. But I do find it hard to categorize my travel style. Sometimes i back pack, sometimes I check in a pretty good hotel especially when accompanied by my son. So yeah. Im a backpacking-hotel traveller. Somehow that doesnt sound right, does it?

  • 2ofus says:

    Traveling gives you a level of freedom I think. It is up to you to decide what makes you happy and want to keep traveling. You won’t find me bungee jumping either, but there are some adventurous things I would definitely do. I have never stayed in a hostel because I prefer hotels and I definitely want a taste of the local food and drinks of the country I am visiting. As for luggage, I prefer carry-on and a backpack for my cameras and other important items.

  • Meg Jerrard says:

    I agree with you that you should be true to yourself when traveling, and not let other people influence your travel style – travel is a personal journey, so you always need to do what’s right for you. My travel style has changed over time as I’ve grown and my personality has evolved – I started backpacking when I was 18, and drinking, really big into the nightlife and party Europe scene – now that I’m older I prefer luxury accommodation and we spend our time in the outdoors, and have no interest in going out. So I think travel style will change, and as you said, be true to yourself!

    • HHLifestyleTravel says:

      Haha yes, no more drinking til 5am for me… Although I do love having wine with dinner and people-watching til midnight 😉

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