What’s Your Travel Style?

  Back in 1999 I set off on my first solo trip to Europe (from New Zealand) – read about it here.  This definitely helped me discover my travel style – i.e. what activities I enjoyed, what budget suited my tastes, and what modes of

19 Years Old And So Green

  When I was 19 years old I did what most Kiwi kids do… I dropped out of university and went on my ‘big OE’ (Overseas Experience).  Ok, so most of us don’t drop out of uni to do it… but I did.  I had

When is a holiday TOO busy?

    I would call myself a fairly energetic person – I like to be busy. But I think I managed to ‘out-busy’ even myself on our recent holiday to France! When is a holiday TOO busy?   Our holiday plans are usually pretty full-on

5 Reasons Why I Blog…

  Why do I blog? I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.  There are a lot of travel bloggers out there, and I can’t speak to their motivations, but here are 5 reasons why I blog…   I’m obsessed with creating tangible history.  I

Birthday Trips – My Favourite Tradition

  Every year since I moved to Scotland (2003), I have celebrated by going away on holiday. I don’t like the pressure of having a birthday in town, plus a birthday is a great excuse to travel anyway! However, this year, we are taking a